Friday, October 30, 2009

Confusing times for B - Fun one day, drama and disaster the next

Wanting to be closer to his family and friends, he leaves his Dad's, plays in other relationships with the vengeance and jealousy game, lives here, Nick's and back at Honky's place in the garage, grieves, parties, gets drunk, get's drunk and get's drunk, watches Honky and Cohen with other men, get's drunk, hands all his money (credit card) over to Honky for Cohen, punishes himself, lives with no money for a month, then decides to go with all he has got (petrol and clothes) away in the car to never come back. Did I mention he was drunk?

He spends his last $ on pizza because S talked us into putting in for Pizza Capers
Then, the phone rings, he grabs his bag of stuff I insisted he take and he drives off into the night
Did I mention he was drunk? Did I mention that his Dad has been trying to get him back to work for him and B has refused?

Next thing I know, Honky is here with her articulate backup lady friend demanding B's plastic and because we (S and I) refuse to hand it over, the arguments begin. I tell them to leave and wonder what ever will become of B driving in such a state. She comments on how terrible a father Brett would be if he did not give her all his money for the fortnight and even worse that he did not take the photo of his own son, and then she pinches the photo back.

I found out what happened a day or so ago, when B came back here to live out his nights in the garage on my camp stretcher using my EEEPC on Facebook and last night entertaining Cohen too. The cot is still not put away which is typical.

That night of the drive away ended in Brisbane which was the halfway petrol point, either come home or keep going and stop where the petrol ran out and live out the next fortnight. It seems he came to his senses but still in a rage of grief and vengeance over the latest Honky boyfriend, he got the car up to 210 k/h in a half-hearted attempt to commit suicide. He backed off and was doing 160 when the speed camera went flash! I wonder how long it will take for that to catch up with him.

The drama continues via the constant mobile phone calls and text messages and motherly advice and unappreciative responses but perhaps something changed in him because as of yesterday, he is mobile servicing business under his own steam and not his Dad's - having been given the van to make a go of it. One day of work and now it is weekend party time again and you can bet that being Friday night, he is drunk again. And probably Lauren is still caught up in the triangle because she is pretty keen on Brett. I pity that girl.

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