Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Ballad of The Deer Tick written and performed by Dr. Richard Horowitz

Ballad of the deer tick by dr. Richard Horrowitz

Clyde came to my office one bright sunny day
He said doc I´m in an awful bad way
I´ve seen 19 docs and I´m almost dead
All they can tell me is it´s in my head
Doctor please, help me please?
I said Clyde can you tell me what you did in life
That caused you all this terrible strife
He said doc I was with my beautiful wife
In the woods one day enjoying life
We laid down on the ground and we fooled around
And before you knew it I was illness bound
From that day onward I´ve been going downhill
Can you give me a lotion or a potion or a magic pill?
Doctor, please, help me please

I´m gonna pick off a tick real quick before the devil gets within
It´d be crime for the Lyme to steal my mind
I sure could use it for a little more time
It hurts over here, it hurts over there
It hurts in places everywhere
It hurts in my fingers and it hurts in my toes
It hurts in places where nobody goes.

I said Clyde this is your lucky day
I know why you´re feeling in such a bad way
That night in the shower did you check to see
If there was anything attached to the back of your knee
Or anywhere else, or anywhere else (I think you know what I mean)
Did you notice a mite or a bite or a tick or a ring
Or any such unusual thing?
Did you shake or quake, get hot or cold
Before your illness really took hold?
Clyde looked at me with a tear in his eye
And let out one enormous sigh
He said doc I remember some unusual rash
On my nose and my toes and where nobody goes


I said Clyde this is not: Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Systemic lupus,
trigeminal neuralgia, Halitosis, Multiple Scleroris Or any hocus pocus diagnosis
It´s about time you got tested for Lyme
It´ll be wiser to check your ELISA
It´ll be easier to treat your Babesia
Once we will show your HMO the proof they need
The proof they need
Just pray it´s positive, you´ll be lucky indeed


Dr Horowitz speaks about Lyme/Multi-Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome (MSIDS) at the 23 minute mark in the video I have linked to.  It is really worth listening to.   At the end of the discussion with the panel Dr Horowitz recommends Saccharomyces as THE probiotic of choice to take to prevent C.diff which can be a consequence of antibiotic treatment.

One brand of Saccharomyces I have found is available here and you can get a $5 discount on your order at iherb by using my code RIZ901.  Their shipping fees are the best! Time for me to put in an order before Christmas and also buy some Burbur for detox.  You don't mind if I skip Xmas presents do you?

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