Friday, March 02, 2012

Gallium Scan Results

It took three goes lying on this with the gamma camera going along the bed area in 2D mode and rotating around me in 3D mode.  You must lie very still or lay very still whichever one is correct.  I had three sessions of over 20 minutes on the first day which was not quite 48 hours after the Gallium injection - which is a radioisotope of a metal.  But the gallium had collected in my bowel contents so to be sure there was nothing in the tissue I had to come back the next day.  Despite taking Movical to move things along, there was still a collection where the pain in my side still is so I was asked to come back again on what was now the sixth day because there was a weekend in between.  It was then that I got the all clear.  I still have no explanation for the pain in my upper right side but I suspect that getting clogged up in that spot in my bowel is not an unusual occurence these days in between my normal state of loose motions and now I have a picture of it right under my liver.  Can you see the loop?  I got very sore throughout the bowel when I took Movicol to clean myself right out again and it stayed for a few days.  Then the burning started again so I am back on Losec generic again in full force.

Nevertheless, this loopy bowel apparently is no explanation for pain which I still have.  In fact my reaction to all these trips to Lakeview Imaging and the resulting stress has meant I've been in body-wide pain and having to take lots of pain killers or sleep to get through it.  Unfortunately I had another day of nerves going to the dentist on Wednesday but for the first time I left without a future appointment being made for me since July last year.  Yesterday and today are pain days with my glands also getting worse but I hope things settle over the weekend as I rest and take it easy.  I have to go to Nambour on Monday for the adrenal test called a short synacthen test which is a long shot.

Finally my first son has agreed to drive me there so that I do not have to walk a mile or more from where we can get a car park.  It is shocking up there.  If I had a scooter, I'd be using it at places like that.  Perhaps S can do a bit of door-to-door selling while I am in there for the 2 hours.  I hope he does not change his mind at the last minute because I don't want to relapse again.  I have to be there at 11am.

I did not go back to Dr Mark and unless I hear that he is running tests that I want done via another lady I know then I probably won't go back.

I still have had no replies from B on gmail or anything and no loan repayments either.  S has spent all his money for the fortnight again.  His car is out of the workshop because he paid for what was done but it does not go I assume and his Dad actually paid for a tow-truck to get it up to Kin Kin so he could work on it.  The bottom line for me is that S still cannot afford to move.  He ran around non-stop going to an exam in Nambour, Mission Australia in Maroochydore and Centrelink for a food voucher and door-knocking anywhere from Little Mountain to Currimundi locally and he has also been to Buderim mainly because he found a dentist that does credit via a GE Money Card which he already has a debt on for his last computer which did not even last out the loan.  This will mean an addition of $1800 to it.  And when he does get the cash he buys top-level goods from umbrellas to smelly personal products not to mention the oasics shoes he bought recently so you can't blame me for getting cranky when he does not pay his way here.

He also caught the train to Brisbane for a conference during the week for the QCAT hearing that is coming up in regards to his appeal against him not getting a blue card.  I hate to think how much the psychiatric assessment is going to cost.

I heard him saying that he was going to repeat one of the subjects he failed too so maybe he will not quit Uni after all.  Each subject costs $1000 on a HECS debt plus book fees etc out of his own pocket.  

He's been OK.  He went through another phase of complaining about his teeth shifting in his head but I have not heard any such nonsense in the last couple of days.  I am starting to understand that my health problems affect him too but if I collapse in bed before being able to get myself some tea, he doesn't exactly appear concerned to me and although he often cooks up a storm and there are often a lot of left overs, his food is not something I like to risk eating very often.  I avoid most jars of sauces and eat as plainly as I can these days.  This week has been a rock melon, (cateloupe I should say for you), grape and Brie week along with my whey concentrate shakes.  

I am starting to wonder if the weight I lose and then put back on is constipation coming and going every couple of weeks and I know taking codeine and such-like does not help in that department but there is more to it than that because I have to drink too much water for comfort to keep things moving.  I am only guessing really.  I get so much gut pain that I will blame anything.

Anyway, that's it from me.  Hope you are both well enough.  I think Mum has her wisdom tooth thing done on the same day I am in Nambour?  I don't like the sound of your blood pressure problems either and will be very glad to see you take holiday leave.

Isn't that the truth - pity I can't seem to stop it through sheer will.

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