Thursday, August 04, 2016

The Skhollar in my life

My son likes to write books.  He's been typing on his lap top for years even while away on holidays (eg.  Pottsville holiday weekend)  and he has funded his own publishing through Xlibris Corp.  His promotional website link is below for his first book but there are write-ups all over the Internet from Amazon to Barnes and Noble.  I'm not sure if he is still in debt because of it but the debt was worth it in his mind.  I couldn't do it!!! 

I have assumed no-one would want to read my story going by the number of hits I do not receive on any of my published stuff online.  Like this blog for instance.  So I guess you could say he got minimal encouragement from me because I assumed no-one would want to read about his life either.  He's got some issues and perhaps someone interested in personality assessment or mental illness awareness would be interested in reading it from a medical case study approach but the topic is about the world of small business where this boy of mine is somehow getting by and remaining independent of and invisible to the system that would label him and probably tell him that he is not capable of functioning in the real world.  There are times when I wish he would take the easy option and let the tax-payers keep him fed, watered and in accommodation but that is not what he wants and I respect that more than my need to know that someone will take care of him after I am gone if need be.  He has a lot of personal crises mainly involving his son but the books are not about that.  They are about how he gets on in the world of business, mostly the sale of solar systems.  The topic is not exactly my cup of tea but he is so disappointed that his own family have not been able to finish reading his first book and it will haunt him forever that other things in our life could actually be more important to us, often out of necessity rather than choice.  His grandmother is going blind from glaucoma so you can imagine what he is hoping.  She is reading three plus books herself and does not want to stop reading any of them!!!!

Despite the fact that we were not totally supportive, he went ahead with it by himself and I can be proud of that if I want to be because I am his mother and I value independent thinking and freedom to choose.

As for me and my desires for myself, I always wanted to be published but I was thinking more along the lines of an academic journal.  I wrote plenty of papers but they were all connected with my studies at Uni.  I did however see my name in print as contributor to a booklet for Women in the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah organisation but it's not something I want to be known for.  I'd like to help fellow chronic illness sufferers but they don't need any more of my kind of help.  They need Government assistance now and more research yesterday.  They need money to live on that will cover the cost of the medicines and supplements they use to try and keep themselves alive as best they can in the absence of proper medical care.

Anyway, I digress, as usual, here's my boy's site as promised plus a link to 52 pages of it.  The Kindle version is US3.99 on Amazon.  Actually there are all sorts of versions for other e-book readers too somewhere.

Stage 1 cover 2015

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