Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dr Peter Nash - rheumatologist

Tests ordered by Peter Nash (rheumatologist) yesterday
  • Short synacthen test
  • Gallium scan
  • Small bowel biopsy for Whipple's or anything suggestive of active Crohn's via a referral to Dr Johan Van Den Bogarde a gastroenterologist at Nambour GH. Stephanie Buchton from the IBD clinic has been threatening another colonoscopy so I guess both ends may be done at the same time :(
  • Blood tests Iron stores (I think it says), Serum EPP/IEPP, RhF, CCP antibodies, HLA B27, ANA, ENA DNA ANCA ESR CRP
Update:  All tests have been reported to me as "normal" but I have not had the endoscopies yet because I am on a waiting list.

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