Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Thyroid Ultrasound Report

I asked for this copy when I went for the adrenal ultrasound and they gave it to me.  I also phoned for the results of my blood test and the person who answered the phone did not give them to me but said that she would check with the doctor when he came in and would phone me back.  They didn't.  Not today either.

Today I had to wee a mid-stream into a specimen jar at 5am for the second day in a row.  I also had the blood taken for the Borrelia PCR and the courier has been and gone.  I had a very hard time fitting it all back into the outer container despite not changing the arrangement of the ice gel pack which had been frozen in my freezer since its arrival.  I ended up bashing the ice pack with a hammer to alter its shape enough to fit things in but I could not get the blood vials to stand upright.  Hopefully it is packed tight enough not to matter because the courier said it would not be guaranteed an upright position anyway.  It's now just a box in an overnight priority satchel.

I've been really uptight (racing heart and pacing and jigging) lately - waking up like it.  I had one really bad day crying because I could not stand it that day but I can live with the level it is at right now.  In fact, the gut problems have stopped as well.  I am quite capable of walking the supermarket and not paying for it.  I'm tired and edgy that's all.  It could be my thyroid because it was sore down there after the ultrasound and I have had a hard to swallow throat but it has eased off now too.  Still have these blurry sore burny light-sensitive eyes though.

Thanks Mum for you know what.

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