Sunday, November 08, 2009

Brett made a mess of the streets yesterday.

I got a phonecall, please come and get me and Cohen and Lauren. I have totalled my car. I was thinking of going camping and had a car full of gear but Brett could sit on the seat with no leg room since Scott refused to let me drive his car. Scott has been like that a lot lately...refusing outright to help out when I request something. But I will get back to that. For the moment, Brett had my attention but he being deliberately hard to get along with towards me, I don't think I got the full story. He didn't want to talk about it.

It seems Brett was approaching the lights entering the main street of downtown Caloundra when the lights went green and he ran into the towbar of a ladies car because she did not go when the lights went green and he turned his head for a split second. He managed to scratch her car a bit but even though it was amazingly slow speed, his Commadore caved in and totalled the car. It was the bumper bar that dropped to the ground a couple of weeks ago. A shop car park prang by another tow bar. But this time, apparently there was tranmission fluid everywhere and the front was smashed in way past the bumper bar and into the motor area and that is why the clean up crew were there on the road. By the time I got there the tow truck and already taken Brett's car away to the impound wreckers. I saw an ambulance too but obviusly my family were fine. They were all waiting under the shelter of Computer Corner because it had been a very hot day.

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