Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Bighorn ranges in Wyoming in wild-flower Season. An Internet friend of mine lives in this area and she took this photo. It is all under snow right now and despite that, she and her hubby are heading to Cody (Google Maps shows a photo of a Buffalo Bill Historical Centre there) specifically for Italian food because its hubby's birthday and Italian is his favorite. It's only 150 miles from Buffalo where they live. A long drive for a restaurant in the snow they admit. Hubby hunts Elk and mounts the antlers on the walls at home after the long taxidermy process. Poor Elk.

Connor is having a birthday party again today. Although he went to Wet and Wild or somewhere for his birthday, because school was broken up at the time, Ange had no contacts for his party so she is throwing another one today. 22 kids at Maze Mania that she is paying for. Scott had no idea. I saw Ange because this time, she dropped Connor off here and she still has dreadlocks - they must be full of sand by now (a year?). Also she says she has been living with her partner Paul for about that long and now lives in Shelly Beach in a granny flat belonging to his family temporarily. She also has a part-time job reading at the school as Scott named it. A teacher's Aid I wonder? She is supposedly getting paid.

Connor just stayed overnight and I am not sure why Ange has not been letting Scott have him on the weekends but he says some pretty crazy things to her over the phone. But you only have to have the wrong tone of voice according to Scott's ears to incite suspicion and accusations.

I got my dentures this week and the top one is OK but the bottom one needs adjusting big time if I am to wear them. But I can't eat with them and not experience terrible pain in two teeth that have always (since root canal) been sensitive to pressure so how that is going to help me chew food, I am not sure when all I can do is take them out to eat. There is no great cosmetic value in the bottom ones either especially since the wires show.

After all the dramas with Scott and his moods and misperceptions, and Brett with his drunken binges and naked female weekend entertainment and lost or broken mobile phones that he has one more time gotten himself into debt over, it has been relatively quiet this week. No more punch ups between the boys either. Although Brett is determined to "get him" outside one of these days. But the main reason for the quiet is that I sacrificed the TV and told Scott to put it in his room. It is much better for me to have the noise down the other end of the house. I'm no good with noise. I get cranky and it actually feels painful. Scott's whistles are the worst though but thankfully he does not do that so much these days. I do not like the maniacal cackle though. Laughing at his own thoughts all bloody day is when he is in a "good" mood.
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