Friday, April 09, 2010

S got a day and a half work through Manpower or Men at Work this week.  He was cleaning up a chimney/exhaust fan which caught on fire in a house.

C was here to stay for school holidays when he was called up so he had to be sent back but he is back again now for a couple of days.  C does not seem to want to stay very long these days and asks to go home quite frequently.  But S is determined to follow through on the paperwork associated with trying to prove A is an unfit mother/environment (with Pauly there at least).  Who knows what S's real reasons are.

The best thing S has done this week is to clean out the mouldy carpet in his boot and through out the underlay with all the "fur"

We have had a bit of a time with Centrelink over the rent and S  trying to tell me what to do and sign on the form.  We are up to form three but S has finally accepted that he cannot get so much rent assistance in a place that has cheap rent to start with and now he has another bill to Centrelink for back pay because he received too much.

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