Sunday, May 04, 2014

Second Crash and birthday photos.

I took things into my own hands when I crashed over Easter.  I started taking the last of the Zinnat I had.  I thought it most likely my "illness" was from a tooth infection/extraction.  I did improve by not doing anything and not going anywhere so that I was OK by my birthday.  Before I had my first crash I had been to an INXS tribute at the RSL with Jan, Jeff, Meshelle, Mandy, Dean and Mandy's brother Dale.  It was there that I marvelled at how great it was to be able to dance and go out at night again.  It was a first since the illness feeling had left last year allowing me to be relatively active without experiencing a crash.  The way things are going it may be the last dance I will have had for a while.

Trying NOT to smile - minus incisors
I went to the RSL again for my birthday but it was't at night time but for lunch with Jan, Lacie and Sue.  I was hoping to see Marina during a break from her poker tournament but she did not show.  Marina and I have not been out anywhere together in the 3 years or so that she has been living opposite the RSL in public housing.  Originally she said she would die there but she is moving to Ballarat in Victoria so it is not like there is much opportunity to catch up with her.  Her gear leaves Caloundra on 24th May.

I wore my Xmas present from Debbie for my birthday
 I am still taking the Zinnat and I will stop in a couple of days which will make it a total of 2 weeks.  I have crashed again since going to the pool on Friday.  I could feel it the moment I stepped out of the water.  I had done too much.  It also seems like these crashes have nothing to do with a tooth infection or else the antibiotics would have prevented this crash.  I won't be self-prescribing any more.
Fluffing up my wet hair NOT blocking my ears
I'm back to the problem I have always had in describing the symptoms that I associate with an infection of some sort.....a chronic infection.  For me that is sore, stiff base of neck; body pulsing feeling like heart is labouring when not even doing anything; a different sort of body-wide aching; internal buzzing feeling; low gut or pelvic pain; sore eyes; weakness; the kind of dizziness that I also associate with SSRI withdrawal; and getting puffed out sooner. I could get a whole lot worse than this but I am finding this too much deal with right now.

All of a sudden I have to consider my activity levels again and begin cancelling appointments (namely the physio tomorrow) and be unreliable again.  I can't count on myself getting there or being there if I listen to my body and if I ignore the warning signs for the sake of something important, I will once again pay a big price.  I don't know whether I can do this all on my own again.  I don't know how I did it before. What will I do, go back to Dr Andrew and beg for Bicillin injections?  How long can one person stay on antibiotics?  Is there going to be a point where they stop working anyway?  I was starting to go backwards on the Zinnat. Should I have "sold" my scooter?

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