Sunday, December 20, 2015

Too much of it

It has been really hard to stay awake.  I don't need this in the lead up to Christmas.

Weeks of it.  I could have just gone with it because I wasn't planning a Christmas this year.  I heard they were all going to Roger's.  But now I find out that Brett, Kerry, Cohen and maybe 1 of hers are heading down this way between Christmas and New Year, that Ange is bringing Connor over on Christmas Day and that now Scott may come for Christmas Day instead of going up there to his Dad's.

The house is a mess and the pressure is mounting.  Pain is a constant and I'm in bed more than out of it.  All I wanted to do this week was to get Milo's photo taken with Santa at the Pelican Waters shops.  It hasn't happened.  The Pain Mate doesn't work.  And I've been dealing with fleas and washing but mostly I sit at the computer and get nowhere because my brain won't work fast enough.

My hair has the frizzies and I don't think I will get to a hair dresser before Christmas and I can't afford the food to feed visitors but at least I've got a ham.

Grateful for the money I got for Christmas but I don't know how to make it go far enough.  I really want that doggy door.  Fed up with the flies.

I never finish the dishes.  It's not worth putting the heavy duty vacuum cleaner away because Milo tears things up into little pieces and I let her.

I made one appearance at an event for the whole season but I could not dance to Queen.  I was only there for an hour but remind me to leave before the end instead next time so you don't get roped into giving someone a ride who lives out of town a bit.

I haven't been able to take Milo on any walks so she has to let off steam here.  At least she gets me outside with the mosquitoes and sandflies. I get infected every day.

I've discovered I sleep better without Milo in bed with me at night.  I think the dark under my eyes looks better already.

I suppose I had better post a photo with makeup on so you can see how well I fake it.

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