Saturday, May 06, 2017

All eyes on Wondai

nightlife in Wondai

It's their first night in Wondai tonight.  Brett saw it yesterday though and he loves it. They have done a few round trips with a hire trailer. Apparently they are 700 metres from the public pool and 800m from town.

She bought the house with help from her father who has always lived in the Gold Coast hinterland, when she was working as manager of the Wondai Hotel and after the man she was living with and pregnant to, cheated on her.  After the hotel was sold she moved to HB because of her Mum and being a single parent I assume, and rented out the house in Wondai.  Her Mum is still in HB and that child still lives with her Mum just like Cohen decided he'd prefer to live with his Mum after tasting life with Brett's new lady in it.  I've heard that it is not working out very well though and that Cohen's Mum is not happy about this move two and half hours away.  I've also heard there are problems with school again, that he is taking too many days off, that he calls his mother "that bitch" and that she is telling him that his Dad and K don't love him.  Poor Cohen. He's even been banned (at times) from Nanny's house (with the pool) because he hurts her kids too.

I think Connor and his Dad are getting on better and this photo shows him looking happier than I've seen him for ages (at the football).

As for me, I responded quite well to a couple of weeks of low-dose steroids and was still going along quite well with less pain and a clearer head (for thinking with) right up to my birthday.  I went out to watch the sunset as you know that day and had a coffee and cake at Bulcock Beach while I was there.

Nobody I invited turned up but it turned chilly that day and we can tell Autumn is finally here.  It was lovely and sunny though.  Anyway I got sick the very next day and have been having bowel attacks until yesterday when I could eat a meal without problems.  Today I am all dizzy, wonky and breathless so I don't know what's happening.  Yesterday was comfortable and I smiled.
62 today

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