Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Lyme Crimes if you dare to look

I want to know the truth....but I am so sick - wish someone would understand it for me......... If they already knew so much about Borrelia, and had the hindsight of syphilis, how the heck did it all manage to get so covered up?  Alan Steere? Weren't you the one who established that band 41  - anti-flagellen protein -  was enough to define this disease in a Western Blot test? Why were the requirements added to so that so many people presenting with the clinical symptoms could be excluded from having the disease?

Click on the link to Kathleen's post and start figuring out about the charge sheets and the Lyme vaccine that back-fired and the falsified disease definitions and explain it all to me. You'd be taken more seriously than me because I have been made insignificant.  Our collective suffering has been made insignificant.

Even the organisations that are set up to help us can't be trusted to provide the truth.

The doctor below will fill you in more on how ridiculous treating Lyme Disease (I mean Borreliosis of any sort including relapsing fever) with a couple of weeks of anti-biotics is.  It explains how invisible these diseases are to the immune system which is how they survive and why they are so debilitating.  He even mentions the mould connection.

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