Saturday, June 21, 2003

It has been a while…but it has taken me a while to improve healthwise and deal with the last lot of assignment marking. I forfeited the exam marking. For the past few days it has been some house cleaning and some pottering around and some sleeps. Today I tried to go for a walk but once I got to the bus shelter I sat down and then came back home. I could not make it to the beach.

I went to Angel’s 21st party at her parents house last weekend. Scoot and Breville were there too ofcourse and Nick and a few other young ones from the house where they live and friends. I spent the next two hours with them before coming home out of the cold. It was outside.

Next thing I find I have no power in any of the powerpoints…TV, micro, kettle etc. The trip switch had not gone off this time but it had earlier in the week. I turned it off and back on again but no power came back and it was 10:45 when Qbuild’s designated electrician arrived. The whole switch needed replacing. The hot wiring had melted and charred a hole in the case. I was lucky I had not had a housefire during the night when it had burnt out. But like a sensible chick I had turned off the switch when I found it hot. Next, not long after the elec had gone, Breville rang from the Caloundra hospital. Nick and he left the party to cruise town and had ended up in a unit partying somewhere when Nick offered a Maori girl a couple of dollars for a cigarette. She took it as an insult that she was worth more than that and lashed out at him with intent to do damage with her wine glass. Nick had been severely lacerated across the temple severing an artery and as it turned out…nerves to his upper face too on one side. He is now paralysed from the cheek above his eyebrow and will have to have microsurgery to see if it can be fixed. Breville was terribly upset, so I went up to the hospital to sit with him until Mitch arrived. Nick has also been a mess and in a lot of pain with migraines. The girl will probably be charged but since her brother is part of a gang, Breville is wondering how much trouble is still coming. He has been asked by Nick to be a witness if it goes to court but everyone was drunk including Breville.

Now Scoot has had some luck with the powder-coating job Phil put him on to. He is getting paid well and that pleases him. He has let the other job go and maybe Breville can pick some of the de-upholstering up since he still has insufficient work. He was told not to bother coming in on Friday because they were going to close early and paint the floor. That means yet another week with only one 6 hour stint. Show day and the Queen’s birthday meant the same. But Breville went up to Roger’s last week and got some pay…..eventually……. from him via Scoot.

My blood tests were all negative and I have had another B12-B1-B6 combos but I did not see the doc who was away on holidays.

So now you are up to date.

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