Thursday, June 05, 2003

Totally stuffed. If I cannot get any help from Breville now, than I guess I never will. We have run out of milk and sugar both of which he thought that he could not live without. All the caster sugar and picnic basket sugar sachets are now gone but still he has not taken a walk or skateboard to the Golden Beach shops. He has asked me to go and believe me I want to but I just can’t….maybe later. I can hardly stay vertical for more than a half an hour and I use that time to make myself something to eat. I cannot really look after myself properly either but still I am worrying about the car and the computer, the food for the house, the blood test I still have not had since I walked out of the lab crying on Monday because I could not hold myself up in the waiting room any longer. I did not collect my marking, Rob brought it down that day on his way to Greg’s. I also cancelled the teeth cleaning at the dental hospital. I have not left the house since. I have done no marking either…my computer won’t let me anyway…it is cactus most of the time.

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