Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Babysitting Connor

On Saturday afternoon just gone, Scott was kind enough to bring Connor over for a visit. He usually takes the opportunity to chill out himself so that I am left to keep Connor both entertained and out of mischief. They had been to the beach that morning with another parent of a youngster. We played in my pool a bit, walked the dog, completed a simple peg jigsaw and I introduced Connor to shuttlecock, which sounds a bit rude when Connor says it. I would have to say that shuttlecock was his favorite activity. Although the video does not show it, he did manage to hit the shuttlecock many times so that I could hit it back to we got two satisfying click sounds in a row as the bat and the shuttlecock connected. But Connor was just as happy to hit it toward the sky too, which meant only one click.

Scott and Connor stayed for barbeque rissoles at tea-time. It is good to have a bottle full of gas again. Now Scott, as usual, catches up on his email while here and I noticed he was at RSVP (Australia's largest Internet Dating Service - if you have heard the ads on TV). I am a member there too but not very active although I have had a profile up for years. Scott is new to it. Brenda and I attended a few of their functions locally over the years but she is no longer interested and Scott has never wanted to be seen there with his Mum, so when we noticed that a function was on that night...I suggested he may like to go and I could babysit ALL NIGHT! Well, he went and I set about the task of trying to figure out how I was going to get Connor to sleep in a strange place. DVD's to the rescue..."Finding Nemo" is his favorite. I covered the beanbag in sheets and told Connor it was his bed. He was still awake (but obviously tired) watching movies when at 9.55pm I had the brilliant idea of SEA JELLIES. Remember the DVD screen saver you gave me? Well it worked like a charm...soothing and boring enough to send anyone to sleep! I left it going all night and I snook off to bed.

Now all this took place after the nappy episode. Scott had to go and buy some nappies and bring them back to me for a start but the ones he got were uncomfortably small for Connor. I have been told that he was nappy free during the day, but Saturday did nothing to convince me. Yes, he will pee on command if you take down his clothes but he wee'd through them several times so when he was in MY beanbag, I put on a nappy I had stashed from ages ago (which luckily was not too small!). Then a most wonderous thing happened. Connor was standing there bubbling diarrhea while I was praying that the nappy would hold it in. It was chocka block. Could have been nasty for the carpet and you can bet those nappies Scott bought would not have held it. But I had to put them on next hoping that there would not be a repeat performance. There wasn't!

I woke up the next morning just as Connor did but I was tired and not particularly active. We did the dog walk thing, with a stroller that was pushed sometimes, caught up in the retractable lead sometimes, with Connor in it holding the lead sometimes and on the last leg, the dog was in it. Andy cannot handle the heat even at 7am and he gets asthma or something and I have to carry him ...except this time we had a stroller. The rest of the time (waiting for Scott to come) was mostly more movies which I am so glad occupies Connor (Monsters Inc, Shark Tale, Incredibles but NOT the Sword in the Stone cartoon). There was a bit more shuttlecock and also raisin toast for breakfast.

I was glad to see Scott when he finally arrived closer to lunch time than anything else.

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