Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy Second Birthday Connor

This diary format alway posts the latest entry first so actually you should start reading this day from the bottom up. Anyway, this is Connor's turn at wacking the Pina Colada...well whatever it is. We went home soon after this and Connor was on his way upstairs to unwind for a well-needed sleep.

I cannot seem to get blogger (this weblog site) to work properly unless I use my photo program so I cannot edit the errors.

Anyway it was a good day.

I went out last night to a dinner party with Karla down the road to meet some new people. Brenda and I went to see Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire last Tuesday. So...that makes this past week the most social I've had, apart from family, for a year. 2006 hopefully will continue to provide a little more fun than 2005.
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