Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cohen's First Easter and a Love Animation

It worked out that I have family here for Easter.  Isn't that nice.  Here I am with Cohen's very first Easter.  Scott was asked to babysit, he is staying here through Easter and then heading back to tenting it with or without Connor and Ange.

Brett left here owing money and we have been somewhat estranged since he and Stacey agreed to live together for the sake of Cohen (my assumption) and have ended up in Kawana, in the downstairs flat section of Stacey's Nana's place.  I knew that neither would last long at Stacey's mother's place but as it turns out, it has only been a couple of weeks since I saw Cohen and it is nice to have him here for Easter.

Brett has since turned up after his night out at Jayne and Chubba's engagement party.  He has come here a couple of times in the last couple of days because he has been organising the music for the dinner part and the lively aftermath on Scott's laptop and Scott has been happy to run him around in his car.  

It seems that Brett and Stacey had their night out apart which is starting to become a habit that could be hard to break.  But families should stay together and do what they did when things were "nice" and together.  

So right now, I have both my boys and one of my grandson's here for Easter Sunday and I
 think that is a blessing.  Cohen is walking non-stop, even when he is eating chocolate Easter Bunny, so he has to be followed around with a rag.  I had some exercise for the day.

And now, everything is peaceful.  Brett is snoozing, Cohen is sleeping in the portacot, Scott is finally sitting in front of the TV and I am listening to the story of Ego Exodus because its  Pesach on

No, I am not Jewish, but Kabbalah sure explains a lot of Jewish customs and I sure do not put Jews down in the name of Christianity any more like I was taught to - because they were evil in not recognizing Jesus.  I see everything blending into one United whole as my life continues despite resisting it when I first noticed back as a kid that I would lose my identity as a Presbyterian and be lumped in with the Methodists who were evil because they were allowed to drink (not that I think like that today).  There is no way I wanted a Uniting church.  And I would have thought the end of the world had come if they ever amalgamated with the Roman Catholics who worshipped a pope instead of God. But actually I knew nothing back then of the perceptual prison that my environment was.

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