Thursday, May 14, 2009

I finally got to go camping this year.  Imbil and Jimna so far.

I went to Jimna at first by myself and then later Rob turned up which cramped my style as well as my gut although at least I got to find out and become a supporter of the Jimna Fire Tower Action Group because of his interest in quizzing Dave at the Info Centre and eating his concrete pies.  I have made JFTAG a Facebook page because I would hope to see it saved and turned into self-funded tourist attraction rather then being demolished. Rob has been spending most of his time since, in the Gympie surrounds with Len and Val helping with his bee hives.  I have never met them but Rob has been keen to give Len top priority.  I am glad he is having fun.

I'm trying to upload some more photos but it's not working.

Jan came with me to Imbil for the Labor Day Long Weekend but I stayed on after she came back home.  I was actually too crook to pack up the tent.  The next day it was sopping wet from the rain so I didn't go home again and I hoped I would bump into Wayne again too who I met the day Jan left fishing on the bank.  But I sort of messed up that opportunity by not turning up on the third night to his campfire and missed out on sausages he had kept for me, and the fire that was guaranteed not to end up smoking in your face. He said that he would take me out in Caloundra sometime so we exchanged phone numbers but mine has since been cancelled because I nearly got caught up in a non-existant phone deal with Telstra for 24 months and finally I got out of it this week and the number is now defunct.

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