Thursday, September 03, 2009

My new second-hand Camry is just out of statutory warranty and I used up a lot of that time getting away... back to Imbil for a couple of weeks in my tent, in an attempt to liven up this body of mine. The 1996 Camry CSi is lovely to drive and once I had recovered enough, I did a bit of day tripping to Kadanga, Amamoor, Traveston Crossing, Gympie, Kenilworth, Gueeralla, Brooloo, and back home via Obi Obi and Mapleton. I need to do the Moy Pocket Road the full distance next time and I would like to check out another Mary Valley Railway town called Dagun but I think I will skip on visiting the camp site at Mapleton Forest reserve also called Gueerella because I scraped my car on that 4wd track underneath.

I thought I was doing the right thing putting the car through its paces and checking for overheating etc during the warranty period but it seems I voided the warranty when I drove over 1000 km. Bad, bad, bad, since I have been informed that the car still has another oil leak and a coolant leak which are not covered by the extended warranty either. Doesn't anyone care that I was sold an unroadworthy car? Fair trading said it would mean court expenses to me. So that's the end of that isn't it because I have already started this fortnight repaying last fortnight's overdraft.

So I not only came home to this rude shock, but also to find that the elder one had been sleeping in my garden shed for two nights and has decided to move back in with me. It does not seem like I have a choice. He is not making it out there without a job. And without a job, I have not got much patience with him. It is a large burden financially for me too when he has absolutely nothing but debt. We have locked horns several times already. At least he seems a bit more stable-minded than prior months.

I managed to connect to BB with mobile broadband from Imbil a few times but it wasn't enough to not fall behind with my responsibilities which were constantly on my mind, but finances would not allow any more contact and the physical demands of looking after the body in a tent situation were intentionally the priority, hoping to gain back a little more stamina via exercise. It was a nice environment but my body is still battling and the flu aches and raised glands continue on regardless.

Now that I am back home, the more sedantary lifestyle is not agreeing with my body any better but I am pushing myself a lot to keep up with the demands of BB and especially the women's virtual component and all our study exercises. It still all seems too much but try as I may, I cannot seem to abandon them and the message of Kabbalah is going to haunt me for a long time I think.

It's nice to have a non-groaning bed to sleep in - camp stretchers make a noise every time you move and I am so sore right now that I am going to hop in to my bed and sleep a couple more hours hoping for a stronger day tomorrow.

I have heaps of photos and a renewed interest in working to stop the Traveston Dam but I am too tired right now to get into it.

But I will sleep with a smile thinking about Seth Breitman and Mark who just ran their second and last question and answer kabbalah celebration live via ustream and spoke to the people in just the right way as to not appear to be "religious freaks". Any new interested student would have been encouraged today and I hope I may have helped a bit too despite being told by another Brenda (kli) that attending would be a backwards step. I was there for support and I do not see that as backwards.

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