Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is Kadanga Railway Station on the weekend of August 15th 2009. I was taking a video with the DV cam I bought Scott for his birthday to come, leaning against a stable platform of the utility room building so that I could get a half decent movie of the Mary Valley Rattler pulling in. However, the train slowed down and because I was busy looking at the LCD screen, I did not notice the waving arm of the Engine Driver telling me to get out of the way. The train slowed right down a the second from the front rubbish bin and it was not until a voice behind me said "get out of the way lady, he won't come in until you move" that I was forced to ruin the rest of the movie and move the camera resulting in a topsy turvy shoot requiring editing and no steady movie of the train going past. I was hoping to upload the movie to a site where you get a dollar or two for movies purchased via that site.

I have not got much hope of holding a camera still enough for a professional looking clip with my hands alone so I will have to use a tripod from now on. The other videos I took show the necessity of that.

The big surprise that on this train, there were people I knew who I bumped into at the tiny market setup around the station. It was Connor, his other grandparents and his cousins (I assume). Nice surprise!

I then went on to meet up with Connor in particular at Imbil station about half an hour down the track. Jan was with me and it was great to see Connor waving out the window of the train in anticipation of seeing Nanoo once again. He ran to me but soon after was more interested in climbing this tree with all the other kids around.

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Jan and I went back to Island Reach and our tents after our train chasing day together and Jan had a nice sleep and then proceeded to prepare for our camp fire which she lit on her own. I'd had enough of camp fires by then anyway. They just add to the amount of work a tired and sore body has to do. I was glad that R didn't come up for the weekend because I think I would have been really peeved if they had shared a tent and a bed together as they had done over a year ago on a similar camping weekend at this same location. It turns out I am not so good at sharing men. Actually it turns out that I do not need a man at all (except for spiritual reasons).

Anyway here is the link to the other train video I took. You will probably have to pause it while it downloads. And here is the link to the camp fire video.

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