Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Well hello March, hello Autumn and hello blue sky.

It has been raining either overcast and showery or full-on downpour for a month, since cyclone Olga, until today which is apparently a one off because it is supposed to start raining again tomorrow. I've even had to park my car out in the drive so that we could use the garage as a clothesline.

I have been feeling so tired however and my legs have been like lead and I have had to sleep a lot but today I sat on the local beach and even dipped in the red waters.  Red? So much run off has turned the Pumicestone Passage red. 

Things have not been that great - I'm a bit lost since I have not had the Kabbalah group to occupy my time and give me a sense of purpose.  You may even say depressed.  And mould man is enough to drive anyone to mental illness.

He costs me so much to have around.  I gave up the TV to his bedroom so that I could have some peace down this end of the house but he is constantly in the kitchen and cooking up something even if it is only noodles and that means a hot house.  No problem he turns the air con down to 22 and even though we fight over it now I have a 300 dollar electricity bill.  I warned him a month ago to put money aside for it but he has none now I need it.  Did I tell you he broke the blender by pouring boiling water into it?  It cracked but there is no way I am going to replace it while he is here because he used up all the fruit and milk in the place making smoothies for himself and guess who was supposed to buy the mild in the second week when he had no money left?  He is always asking for money if only to buy shampoo (because he does not like the smell of mine) or razors which he must use only once or twice before throwing them out.  If I try and keep one of his rejects for myself then he says "no" and thinks I am disgusting.

He goes through chux wipes like they are going out of fashion, lets his towels and the bathmat stay wet and soggy in a heap and is still having up to five showers a day and I cannot keep up with going in there, and hanging things up.

I have so many things to complain about but the worst is when I do something and he comes along and undoes it or refuses to let me so something that has a look that reminds him of something.  Like yesterday, I was trying to set up my computer TV dongle on my netbook with a portable antenna and it happens to work only in one spot in the hall near my room and because it reminded him of a dildo or something he absolutely refused to let it stay there and moves it and loses my signal. 

I can't type any more, my head is throbbing and I can hardly keep my eyes open.

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