Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another weird B Weekend

Please come and get me. I'm bored and she is in a bad mood and it's my custody weekend so can I bring Cohen too.  She's going out later.

So why don't you stay where you have a TV and peace when she goes out?

I don't remember the answer to that but he was adamant it was best to come and after the cops saying he should not go back there, I didn't feel like I had a huge choice and I did want to see my grandson.

Oh no, my house and a 2 year old with a cold - not that he told me the truth about that when I asked about his health. But at least I would finally get the money he owed me.  Or would I?

But on the way home in the car, Lauren phoned - his friend.  I'm heading to Mum's, come and visit me before you head out to the clubs. (Yay -No Stacey -, was implied).  But Lauren didn't leave for the clubs, she stayed with Brett on the sofa bed after finally getting Cohen to sleep on the camp stretcher.

They were both drunk after promising to pay tomorrow for R's homebrew Scotch and Vodka.  But he is a binge drinker every weekend (except last weekend because he was stuck out at his father's) and his coming to visit me was probably only for the fact that he knew R's grog would be here waiting for his cash.

Cohen might be cute but he breaks everything - toys, a much bigger hole in the flyscreen after expanding the one he started last time, and a dodgy button on the amp, and my flame effect heater no longer works as a heater.  It barely lasted a single season.  I felt like I had to be on guard for my computer non-stop and i was exhausted by an early bed time.  I had also tripped over outside on the clothes basket trolley that I was trying to rescue from Cohen and fell up against the brickwork scraping skin off on the way down because I had no luck in regaining my balance.  I have a sore arm today that must have copped a banging but my twisted foot seems OK.  This finding yourself on the ground is not a nice thing at my age.  P.S  I hadn't been drinking!

The strange thing is that after a night in bed with another woman, and its not the first time, he is going back to Stacey's who has been trying to get him back home ever since he came here.  Maybe she didn't even go out and she said she "missed" Cohen.  I think B lied and he will be doing more lying about who he was with besides me and Scott (who hibernated in the bedroom mostly) but because she is going to cook him dinner, he is once again happy to go back to her or is he?

She seems to have him over a barrel now that the lease is up on her flat next week.  She either goes out to Roger's with Cohen or she goes to her Dad's in Warnambool and Brett will miss Cohen.  She was out of town with B last week because she wants company during the week but then gets bored and wants her weekend entertainment.  But B is the same about his weekends when it's his turn to party. It's just that Stacey get's on facebook and complains about being stuck in the bush.  Facebook has also revealed that Stacey does not want to take Cohen to Harvey Bay where her mother is when she moves out.  Facebook conversations can be pretty disgusting sometimes with Julie and Stacey both complaining about B and B making "I don't care" type comments rather than defending himself in public.

It beats me why they want to give us the expense of microchipped driver's licenses when whoever wants to track your life can get more detail on Facebook.  Anna Bligh is a pain with just about all her ideas. She may not have got her Traveston Dam but it seems she will be sucking water out of the Mary River with a piped network to feed Brisbane.  The Mary is a pretty puny river at our end already.

Anyway, they have gone now, and I still have not been paid.  The ATM at the local shops where they walked to was out of order.

Tomorrow you'll get your money, when Dad comes to pick me up.

I've heard that before.

But in my experience Dad has better things to do than go half an hour out of his way and back again.

ADDENDUM: Nah, they didn't turn up.

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