Sunday, May 23, 2010

Please Mum, it's S's birthday

I said yes.  I agreed to watch Cohen while they went out for tea and drinks.  They managed to get a ride with someone to my place, dropped him off, went out and Cohen was not happy.  He cried on and off, hammering at the door through which they disappeared.  And this time, he seemed to blame me for it.  Sc, who usually stays out of the way and leaves me to the babysitting, was able to settle Cohen and it was nice watching the bedtime story scene.  Nevertheless, it was nearly 10.30pm before Cohen gave into his fatigue.

The sofa bed was set up and B and St were going to come back in the early hours and join Cohen in the bed.   There is talk that they are going to make a go of it and stop playing around so I gave her a birthday present.  It is hard to know which of Br's women I need to be nice to.  But one of the women in Br's life has reported that S attacked Br when she was there as a witness and she has gone out of her way to report it despite Br actually denying it to prevent S from being taken to jail that night.  If this girl had not been there S would not have flown into a rage that lead to the domestic violence and since B has a DVO against her, strike 2 and you're out..... this time pending a court case so S is in real trouble and now B is wishing he had never got the DVO even if she did deserve it. She is finding it mind blowing that they could jail her because she does not think she it warrants that sort of I read between the lines on Facebook.  She said that she wished she could turn back the clock a year.

Sc and I went to bed straight after Cohen did, and I awoke around 4am to go to the toilet and I could smell that the parents were back home.  There was a reek of alcohol in the air. One happy family!

The next morning, yesterday, actually went quite smoothly although Br seemed to be worse for the wear.  Cohen was happy and I could see that he loves his mother very much and she was being a good Mum.  I had agreed to take them home in my car since I still had the car seat from last weekend that no-one came to pick up.  I fancied checking out the shops at Kawana Shoppingtown for a while which I did with the money Br owed me (finally paid). I was also hoping that Bigpond would have connected the line properly so that I would have the Internet when I came back home.  Three days without the Internet just being there to access information seemed to put everything on hold, starting with the banking and bill paying. 

Nevertheless the techies had not done their line check so I phoned again (setting up Bigpond means many, many phonecalls to many misinformed, heavily accented and contradictory customer service representatives.)  This time, I actually got what I wanted before 4pm close of business and finally I am with Telstra Bigpond, paying less for faster access.  Not as fast as I hoped for what they call ADSL 2+ but I think it is OK for a zone 2 exchange.  Bigpond have a lot of unmetered content which I plan to make use of and I will spend some time discovering that.  I also need to get Mum's birthday present organized online but after yesterday's activity, I seem to have toilet issues again and my hip and knee were in a lot of pain after walking the shops. Lovely weather though and the zygocactus that are left after Sc's destructive garden spree ("I did not" he says) last year are blooming and Mum's Camellia still has a few buds left to flower while the Crepe Myrtle thins to a few reddish leaves and the Tropical Birch is nearly devoid of all leaves and did not show much Autumn colour at all.  The garden is actually awash with yellow butterflies which indicates how many grubs I've had eating things.  As far as I am concerned, it is the best time of the year on the Sunshine Coast.  It will be pretty chilly camping at night if we (Jan and family) do actually go next weekend.

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