Saturday, October 09, 2010

Remote Desktop for Windows

It has to be enabled on windows before you can even find it - even on an EEEPC.  It can be used to operate your work computer from home if the work computer has a permanent Internet address and it runs one of the professional versions of XP or newer but it is also useful for a home network if you are stuck in bed and want to access something on the "big" computer in the other room.

And because I have put in some additional security, in case I forget I have the antidote to the lockout instruction in case I am locked out of my own computer because of a breach of the security rules put in place.  And I quote : To manually unlock an account you must logon as another administrator user (preferably one without remote desktop access). Then go to Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Local Users and Groups. Click on the individual user and uncheck the "account is disabled" check box. You may then log on as that user. 


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