Friday, June 10, 2011

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I was about to be discharged from the ibd clinic in regards to my mouth and for some reason I reminded her that I do actually still have gut problems too. I did not really want to get any more gut investigations so I should not have openend my mouth but the next suggestion wasn't too bad. A CT scan of the small bowel with a dye contrast is next on the agenda. In the meantime if my mouth is a problem I will need to go to an oral specialist whether it is lupus or thrush because there is no sign of active Crohn's in the blood or urine tests except for a CRP of 6.5 which is only just above normal. It was 7 last December so at least it has come down but she says that even the inflammation she saw in my mouth would explain that. Anyway she still wants me to use the fluconazole and she had no plans of doing any more mouth work with me so rather than wait until I can get into an oral specialist, I have decided to try it assuming the Coca Cola does not kill it off. I bought 2 litres and I am going to drink the lot.

You would think that if it was oral thrush all the Propylene glycol that I have been sucking on would have killed it off since during my investigations I found an article comparing a few different double sugar alcohols as to which was best for candida infections. Maybe Zena should take up vaping orange fanta next time she is afflicted assuming the Coca Cola does not work. Propylene glycol is in everything as a carrier of scents, emulsifiers and to promote smoothness in foods, medicines, cosmetics and hair care products too. In fact it is listed in the ingredients in the capsules of Fluconazole. I'm not so worried about vaping it even though one natural-promoting site said it was a skin irritant among other things. It seems we cannot avoid it and most of my body copes with every day moisturizers and shampoos etc without any bad reaction so it does not seem to irritate me even when I spill the ejuice on my fingers.

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