Thursday, June 02, 2011

The house is empty now

 For a short while I got exited about going to meet Mum and sis at Narooma but even the eustress caused payback but not as much as last weekend when Connor was here needing entertainment and then number 2 decided to have a ride of Lakoda's motorbike and fell off.  It distressed me a lot to see him in so much pain and on Sunday there were the trips to the hospital and a doctors surgery with him.  I crashed big time after that with more pain and fatigue and flu-like feelings which are still making life miserable.  I really hate the way this illness punishes you for trying to help or even just socialize with other people.  We really do give away our energy leaving nothing for our own healing at those times and for the most part it goes unnoticed or unappreciated.  Even a phonecall can be tiring.

Talking about phone-calls, Connor had a chat to his Grand Nan P while he was here and I thought it was funny when he just had to listen without a chance to speak because he looked at me and made a "quack, quack" sign with his hands.  Someone on the other end had verbal diarrhea.

Despite his injuries, number 2 had an appointment at the respiratory clinic at Nambour Outpatients on Tuesday.  Luckily Roger drove him there and back.  Langerhan's Cell Histiocytosis was confirmed but the doctor had no record of any prior lung collapses otherwise he would have recommended surgery to afix his second lung to the wall of his chest.  Until he gathers all the records, this will not be done.  Naturally B was told that he had to stop smoking and I have done what I can by giving him an electronic cigarette when he was here.  More refills will be needed if B thinks vaping is the way to go.  I think it may work for me and I am waiting on the e-juice that is needed to refill them.  It has to be imported.  In the meantime I have no-nicotine chocolate, pear, chamomile, coffee and Fanta flavours to play with.  It is a bit of fun and quite yummy.

Number 1 moved on yesterday to 41 Dalby St Maroochydore after a week or so of cleaning out my house of food.  He missed the enrollment deadline for semester 2 so he will not be studying for at least three months after he finishes this semester.  He was quite cranky the other day because he failed his last assignment and once again thought he had done a wonderful job at his bibliography.  He did ask for my help at one stage but he did not agree with my approach so I bowed out again.  He is now keen on the accounting side of business probably because he passed that subject.  We are all hoping that he finds a job that pays a wage - any job!

"I AM not lazy......
just exhausted! I AM not depressed...but tired of excusing my tiredness! ,,,,,, I do not look sick... But I often feel like death!" - David Gold

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