Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas with Connor

That's Connor sorted.  He seemed to like the helicopter.  They are very fragile though.

I told him that the next present from Auntie D and GrandNan wasn't very exiting but he disagreed.  He loved getting a $50 note.  He wanted to buy a computer game with it so S took him to the shops and then home back to his other Nana's place where A is living too.

Roger came and took the car back and my life was arranged for me by that time.  I've been told that the boys will be going to Bev's birthday in Kin Kin on Saturday and so it seems I am staying in HB till Saturday when we will all leave.  Won't Paige be glad.

S did not like the shoes I bought him and does not think he will wear them.

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zena said...

Very, nice. Glad you got your present in first, it's cool