Sunday, December 22, 2013

My LLMD has had very restrictive conditions placed on his Australian registration

This was posted on the Bare Bones Medicine Co. Facebook page on December 20th:

As of late this afternoon, the following conditions have been placed upon Dr Ladhams by the Medical Board.
He is not to diagnose or treat Lyme disease in Australia as it has not been proven to exist here.
He is not to utilise PICC lines.
A diagnosis of Lyme may only be made by an Infectious Disease Specialist who is a FRACP.
No treatments must be used that will cause a Herxheimer Reaction in any patient.
For full details please refer to AHPRA attached.
Our sincerest and heaviest apologies to our dear patients and potential patients for this terrible news. The Regulators have decided that treating Lyme is dangerous and poses serious risk to patients. We must respect the wishes of the Board.
This is a very sad day for Lyme patients in Australia.
Registration Details

I have my next appointment in March.  I got it into my head that I was finishing treatment after the Rifampicin but that was not to be.  I nevertheless decided that I would do no more Bicillin injections so at my last appointment I was prescribed oral Zinnat (cefuroxime) instead to keep me in a holding pattern until I am ready to start on the Babesia treatment (namely 28 days of Ciprofloxacin and a magnesium supplement).  I will be fitting in a Christmas trip to Hervey Bay and trip to Rosebud before I plan on starting the Babesia treatment. I love not having to have the IM injections.

I finished the Rifampicin a couple of weeks earlier than my last appointment on 29th November and I got considerable relief from the anxiety within 24 hours.  It took another few weeks before I settled down further.

My latest regime also includes Fluconazole twice a week and Nilstat every day.  The Fluconazole can target Lyme cysts and Candida and the Nilstat is for Candida.  I have had far less bloating and gut pains since I have been taking Nilstat which is a long time now and my relief has been total for prolonged episodes.

In March Dr L can still treat me and others for fibromyalgia etc if nothing has changed by then.  I am one of the lucky ones who has my treatment mapped out for a few more months but I feel for all those who are probably panicking about what will happen to them.  Those who were being treated intravenously have my sympathy.

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