Friday, May 13, 2016

So happy to catch up with Cohen

I picked up Stacey and Cohen from the Caloundra bus interchange at 12:20pm and because Stacey was hungry we headed straight to the Military Jetty store. I didn't eat and neither did Cohen eat his nuggets because he wasn't hungry. But he very rarely is since starting Ritalin which is the second thing they have tried. The first was Vivanse? Cohen got expelled the day before this holiday of theirs which did not coincide with the school holidays. Apparently he spat at a teacher. He has a foul mouth and it just rolls off his tongue so easily in amongst the conversation. There was a medication change but what Brett has not told me was that things are not going very well for Cohen and the new school at all and this expulsion wasn't the first. So I can no longer assume that no news is good news.

After sitting while we talked and drank at the military jetty store we walked over to the pavillion for a cigarette and this first video is how Cohen filled the time.  Because I could not hear a lot, I didn't even hear most of the swearing during the day and the general mood of the day was actually nice and easy going so he seems just like the same old Cohen to me.  Certainly not naturally evil like B's other half seems to be suggesting.  There were no major altications in my presence.  I think I made up that word but he did have a rather graphic description of B and K having sex.

31/70 main st pialba 4655 is where they live. The lease has just been renewed for another year.

Just before this  video, I got bad pains and abandoned the car the moment it was parked.  On returning to the table where they were sitting I hear, "Did you poo yourself Nanoo?"  No, I made it in time but it was so hard to walk to the toilet block.

When he was up the beach a bit, I did get to ask Cohen who he liked best choosing between the first and the second live-in girlfriend.  He picked Paige which was a surprise to me.  I now know why he cannot live with Brett.  He does not like K.  Although B thinks that she is helping him become a better parent, I am now thinking that maybe she does not see the nice side of Cohen.  Stacey says that K does not like Cohen.  She sees a problem that needs fixing perhaps.  And she likes helping and advising maybe.  If Brett sits back and leaves the work to the women, then perhaps Mum is the best person for him even if she swears and carries on.  At least she loves her son!  The psychiatrist recommended the real mother over the real father and Stacey says that B is lazy and is happy to have K as a go-between.  St does not seem to care what Brett does (she is not emotionally attached or anything) except when it comes to Cohen and she wishes he would be more involved because he has not had Cohen enough.  It makes you wonder who is telling lies.

I kept a Rhinoceros Beetle skeleton in a box for ages waiting for the day Cohen would open it.  Today was that day.  He would not even touch it.  He recoiled with a ewww look and St said he does not like any bugs so I have been trying to desensitise him ever since..... sending photos of it to Stacey to show him and stuff like this -

The Rhino skeleton is well and truly mangulated and gone with the rubbish truck now as in post dated addendum on Friday 20th May

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