Friday, May 27, 2016

Thank God for Steroids

If anyone cares to take note of the fact that I have always responded favourably to steroids, then I should be able to get back some quality of life.  I had to beg to get 7 days treatment.  The pain specialist might be interested to hear about it anyway assuming it is preferred over higher doses of opiods. UPDATE: no, he did not use steroids in pain relief although he said they would make me feel fantastic.

It is day 3 of taking 5mg prednisolone and despite hardly getting any sleep last night because of the so-called Telstra 24/7 service (another line problem wrecking my Internet connection), I already feel so much better.  My heart was not palpitating every step I took, my legs do not feel as heavy as lead, I am not breathless when walking around the house/yard and I am walking at a normal pace again.  It feels like a miracle to me even though it does not help my aching legs.  I have not been able to pick up even a cup of tea without pain in my arm, probably from my shoulder but today I noticed it was feeling much better too.

Unfortunately I did have to spend more energy than I intended because Ange and family came to give me a belated birthday present.  It was like being invaded by bedlam.  I much prefer to see my grandson on his own and I wish they would not bring their dog to intimidate Milo.  She shook like a leaf the whole time.  Esha would not leave her alone either.  She just wanted to cuddle her all the time.

Cal came over from next door to give me a paw paw from their tree and I gave her lemons.  She is usually housebound herself.  Telstra finally booked me in for a tech visit on your birthday Mum in the evening. So there was lots of people contact today as well as an iherb delivery.  I got my almond flour and CoQ10 and my favourite supplement NAC Sustain.  Actually D-Ribose (ATP energy fuel) is my favourite but I can never afford it in the powder form that works.

I cannot play my game on the Internet for the third day in a row so maybe it is going to work out OK being busier than usual until it is fixed.  Typing more blogs is another side benefit for you guys.  I can press the publish button when the Internet comes back on again.

Because of this wonderful steroid response, I am now less worried about getting to the pain specialist next Wednesday and when I found out the lung scan will only take 20 mins I booked in for that on your Monday birthday too.  I hope it is a good omen for a shrunken tumour/nodule.

I will probably catch up with Jan and even Brenda over the weekend.  Brenda has to come to deliver the Avon although she has already cancelled once.  Scoot wanted something too - Rose spray for the car.  I like the Pot Pourri better myself.  The toilet room has been waiting to get hold of some for a while and for some reason the smell does not irritate me like all the shop bought ones.

Maybe I will get my old iMAC on the weekend too.  Brett's Kitty is coming down to Brooke's place to work out wedding stuff with her while Brett camps at Inskip Point for a buck's party.  You met Brooke at the PW Tavern when she was thin and maybe pregnant.  She and Nick have a lovely looking toddler and they are getting married soon (or not so soon) so no doubt Brett will come down for that.  Kitty is maid of honour.  I think Brett is looking forward to "no women allowed" on the campsite.

I have another story to tell about professional cleaners and Scott.  I saw Scott last weekend when he picked up the table from Bunnings for me but I am not going to type any more.  I am sorry about Auntie Marie's death this week.  You timed your last visit to her well.

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