Thursday, August 04, 2016

I AM still having a bowel attack

It started yesterday in the wee early hours.  I battled to still make it to my gastric emptying studying hoping that bowel and stomach were two different things yesterday.  I had Jan involved by driving my car back to her home in between awaiting my phone call.  I had no money to pay for parking but I had petrol in the car.

I was still having a bowel attack when the study finished.  I went to the toilet in between x-rays.  It wasn't one of those quick and violent attacks beause it is still going today.  Everything is being pushed everywhere even up my throat it feels like but my morning coffee is going downward perhaps unless I burp - not game to try.  It is a relief when it builds up enough to finally evacuate but there are so many hours of cramping in between.

I had a gastric emptying test at the same time as a bowel attack.  They don't know what happened to the rest of the radioactive egg pattie because they stopped filming after 2 hours when they were sure of their verdict supposedly but changed their mind obviously because I was told I had an hour of time to kill before the last x-ray one minute and told I could go home the next.  Funny thing that they had the man in the wheel chair ready and waiting obviously from a ward and I bet not scheduled.  They cut corners just when things had started to slow down as far as rate of emptying can see it on the graph compared to the norm.  The bottom line is though that 50% of the radioactive egg was eliminated by the end of the first hour.  I had already passed their gastric emptying study then so I could be sent home.  Not that she told me anything like that.

I'm still having a bowel attack.  I feel very uncomfortable and hopefully the next call for elimination will not happen until after my wheelie walker training (of all things I need since I am walking just fine this week - I've been packing so thank God I am fine in that department.). The physio will be here in half an hour, so goodbye.

And remember, the world I experience is a cosmic joke.  Thinking of Lynnie.

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