Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ordeal, Stress, Bowel, Gratitude and Recovery

Gratitude because it is over and I am already recovering.  Big sleeps now.

What am I talking about?  I'd been preparing and packing and moving household things out into the garage for a couple of weeks, a bit at a time,  but when crunch time comes, there is always more left to do.  When the time comes to pass the job over to the workmen, you always wonder what they will damage that you did not get time to protect.  They usually damage something and this time was no exception from both Zero Asbestos and Anderson's Flooring.  I ran out of time to move some of the bigger things that needed protection like the TV and 27" monitor and a million power cords and leads associated with the TV and computer which were a tangled mess by the end of the second day. 

The TV was cooked in the sun, the desk was chipped by the monitor or something because the  2 Anderson's workmen moved it with too much stuff on it, and stacked other stuff on it or something.  The cornices were damaged by the asbestos crew and the vinyl was scratched moving the furniture back in from the front driveway.  The electrician woke up too late about the original position of the stove and he scratched the floor and left a pile of grindings that were not even necessary in order to make it fit.  He was the one that removed the stove just that same morning and I had done a wonderful sneak-in from the garage in order to clean off every little bit of grease in the oven recess.  Perfectly clean in there for about an hour, till he came.  You know how it goes when you move in or out or both, it is just stressful.  But what made it worse for me was that I was still having bowel and eating problems.  Bowel spasms after eating and the consequences of that meant that I needed access to the toilet much more than when I am in a retarded gut state.  In preparation for that I put up an emergency toilet in my back yard......and a few other things for when I had to vacate inside.

You can see that it is out of shape, it ended up in the bin on lawn mowing day

I'm sure I had my red dolphin torch in one of the tents but I can't find it now.

I heated up a tin of spaghetti on that stove and shared it with Jan on day 2

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