Sunday, February 12, 2017

Christmas is finally over for me

Brett and Kerry finally came to visit me to get the presents that I have been trying to give them and Cohen and the girls Kalisah and Lexi.  I did not go to HB because I got the message that Scott was not welcome but Scott assumed he was invited.  He said Roger told that's where he had heard about and short of telling Scott he wasn't invited and go alone, I decided to cancel the plans especially since Brett and Kerry informed me that they would be down to the Sunny Coast sometime over Brett's 2 week break and that they would bring Cohen.  It didn't happen.  Neither did I see them on Brooke's hen's night which they came to Caloundra for, nor Nick's buck's night which turned out to be a  Coochin Creek camp-out that Nick abandoned and went home leaving his invitees behind.

Anyway it is Mr and Mrs Nick Alderton now because Nick and Brooke were married yesterday and she has just found out that she is pregnant with number 2 for her and Nick.  Riley, a son to Nick from a previous relationship was in the wedding party so he sure has grown up.  See for yourself in the wedding photo. Anyway their relationship will never be perfect because Nick does things that Brooke doesn't even know about.  

I briefly met Brooke's mother last night because out of the blue at about 9:15 I was asked to pick up Brett and Kerry from the reception at the local Golf Club function room, but I did not know it was  her at the time but I should have guessed by the build which Brooke has developed since having her first child, the gorgous Ellie who looked like she was about to tackle the steep stairs which is why I ended up on the inside of the glass sliding doors.  She had on a big grin and was heading straight for me still outside waiting.  Needless to say it was past 9:40pm and Brett and Kerry finally emerged after the bride and groom packing up their cars so at least I got to congratulate them.  Nick and Brooke got married at the Bushland Botanical Gardens but I was not well enough to go and peak from a distance like we had planned - we being Scott and I.  Scott cancelled probably due to lack of petrol but he was not invited to the wedding.  It was Scott and Nick who were the original friends I thought but Scott has not been included since he went straight for lack of a more obvious reason.  Brett on the other hand has had little to do with him since he left the coast but ended up being best man anyway and Brooke latched on to Kerry so much that Kerry ended up being a bridesmaid and helper until the last minute when unbeknown to her she was expected to spend the night with the bride and came here to be with Brett who was staying here over night and that is how come I got to see them after all this time.  I had even left the Christmas presents sitting out for long enough to annoy me before I packed them up into a bag still hanging around the house.  I did not even dismantle the Christmas table fully until my Christmas was finally what I could call "over". That was yesterday.

The main thing that stuck in my throat over the whole Christmas debacle was Cohen not receiving anything personally from any of us.  Eventually Aunty Debbie's money was turned into a gaming voucher and delivered to his new computer in his room at Brett and Kerry's but he does not even live there.  I did not know that Stacey has had him closer to full-time than they have ever since her mother arrived to live in Harvey Bay.  She has a nice pool they can go and visit and I bet Cohen missed the pool greatly when they left the Domain village unit.  Cohen loved it  at the pool and all the freedom he had inside a gated community. So did Brett love taking Cohen to the pool daily until Kerry came to live there with two of her girls. Brett and Kerry became engaged on their 2 year anniversary when Brett popped the question.  It was a surprise for Kerry but it wasn't half obvious that she was thinking along those lines via her facebook posts for months.

Cohen should get his Christmas present from me and card with money in it from Mum (his great Nana) any day now when Kerry takes Cohen to school or from I guess. She has a new Praedo 4x4 to do it in now which was quite a big beast parked in my driveway.  Brett still has no license and can't even get it back until he pays all his SPER fines and it has meant that Brett has not been able to duck away any time by himself to come and visit Mum while he has been down this way but at the same time, when he is tired and he wants to go home, he does not want Kerry to bring him here at the end of a travel weekend either.  They both dislike the Sunshine Coast and would be quite happy for me to move up to where they are.  Brett complains about all his friends and how they have either changed too much or not grown up.  Even Nick.  In fact Nick has done some pretty bad things to Brett during the times that they are both drunk or drugged.  Apparently he caused Brett to have a seizure recently after choking him for a bit too long.  I'm disgusted.  Apparently Brett also has arthritis in his knees just as an aside.

But Brett's behaviour is still very childlike when he has been drinking despite him having a good work ethic the rest of the week. He has a live video of him working on Facebook posted just this week. I was horrified when he discovered that the electronic usb cigarette lighter that I gave him for Christmas was a ferocious weapon which he would not stop playing with....electrocuting himself over and over with almighty jumps.  The current even went through a carrot (the one hanging around for Milo to chomp on) so when we (Kerry and I) were yelling at him to put the thing away and use it for what it is meant to be used for (a lighter that the wind can't blow out) he kept begging us to let him do it on us!!!  They say it is the volts that jolt and the mils that kill so maybe it has some safety profile based on that but who knows these days.  It is a weapon that a woman could have in her purse if she could just press it on to her assailant and push the button, she would cause quite a decent moment of time when she could attempt to escape.  It would have to kept fully charged in your handbag rather than forgotten about.  It just so happens I bought myself a pink one so perhaps I will keep it in my bag.

Anyway as far as my pain levels and things working out with the times that things actually happened, they worked out OK.  By the time they arrived after 1am Saturday morning I did have the housework done enough after having to take naps in between.  I am always more alive at night time anyway so getting a call last night asking for me to pick them up (it was Kerry who actually asked) turned out to be OK too. Anyway, I am glad Christmas is over now.  Now you know why I hate Christmas these days.

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