Sunday, February 04, 2018

Christmas - Boxing Day Stories 2017

Overnight visitors

Those lights broke down 2 days before Christmas.  I had them 2 weeks all up.

The first time ever Milo has ruined food she was not supposed to get at, at the table.  Butter Icing, yum!


If you read this paper, you will find out Borrelia Infection has stages like cancer if left unchecked

Helen, Marlene, Beau, Brett, Bev and Kerry visiting the man in a coma.  I sent a card with Scott after he came back.
Roger was brought out of the coma on Boxing Day in Toowoomba. Roger was discharged from Jandowae Hospital where he was born, two days ago.  He's taken a journey West via ambulance via Dalby Hospital as he has improved but I knew none of that while it was happening.  They are calling it a miracle and back from the dead but I think he hopes that death wasn't the case because there was too much of nothing there.

Post-sepsis syndrome? Too early to tell but the only main problem he has is not being able to walk properly.  Now we both own wheelie walkers.  Actually Sharon has mine at the moment because she is dying at Jan's place with lung cancer.  I haven't needed the walker since I started taking steroids full-time.  Sharon has not been given long to live and I will miss her.  The diagnosis was only 2 weeks ago but it was obvious something terrible was wrong with her.  She had already stopped eating.  She was measured at 35kg.

The circle of life has brought Roger back full circle to where he knows so many people from the past.  It seems he will have a trial living in the 3rd house on Ben's farm to see if he can manage. Zach and Red (?) have the second house because they run the property these days with Ben retired. The mind boggles at how a step-son of Roger's could end up managing a million dollar property, not that I know how much a huge farm is worth.  It was my kids who spent time with the Tanners but I guess it solved a problem for two people.   Zach isn't exactly a city person having lived in Clifton-Nobby.  The house where Roger will be is Ben's Mum's old house, perhaps the original farm house and he stays there whenever he goes out there.  Back to Jandowae - Burra Burri, with Bev for the first two weeks.  Without Bev when she goes back to work.


Char | said...

Lovely photos! Looks like you had a good time over the holidays. Sorry to hear about your friend with cancer. I have been browsing through blogger looking for some ME/CFS blogs to follow, that's how I found you. I hope you have a good rest of the week!

ZzirF said...

Cheers to you too and thanks.