Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back In The Days When The Mary River Was Going To Be Dammed.

I am glad something went right in 2009 and the Mary River Valley was saved.

But this is a hidden post about a gripe, the above is just the initial impression a casual reader may get.

For my true follower, I will let you in on a horrible tale, that once again shattered my faith in my children.

Another straw for the camels back came when I was given a bottle of Jacobs Creek Sauvignon Blanc for helping a neighbour in the street with formatting an email they had messed up. They were eternally grateful because they thought the letter would have to by typed again from scratch. Despite me being in fibro fog, it was not a particularly demanding task and the gift was not necessary. I took the bottle back home (exhausted from the walk over the road thanks to a bad fibro fortnight(so far))and put it in the fridge with instructions that it was to be saved for Christmas Dinner.

Nevertheless, he asked several times if we could open it after that point, each time me replying in the negative.

Last night, I was presented with a glass of wine at my computer desk. I went off my brain lecturing him and telling him how much he had spoilt things for me. Sour looks for the rest of the night and I cannot say I feel any love toward him today either.

Now all that is left is to find out how much back rent is owed to the department. The letter was posted on Friday. Not happy about all the people in the street that could have, but when it came to the crunch, it was my own son who dobbed me in.

I wish it could be but even if it was the thought behind the behavior, departmental housing cannot be passed on to your children.
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