Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Stiched two photos together to show Noosa Hill
Made a mistake obviously. But it is not something that I cannot correct next time I put the effort into this sort of thing.

Actually I wanted to say that the person living with me has set ideals so high that he no longer can accept anything less than perfection from others. I think that is what he means. He will reject anything that will not fit his ideals and consequently he has quit job networks because they weren't good enough, quit work for the dole because he felt it was a backward step for him - their standards were not even in line with what he decided was an issue of workplace health and safety. He has rejected work ideas outright because they were beneath him, involved his father, reminded him of Brett or was out of town. He has not even contacted places that I have found for cheap share accomodation. He has knocked back one place he found himself because it was not suitable. He has been awarded places in courses and even rejected the idea of going along with it until he had his precious pieces of paper. But no, the standard was not high enough to call itself a Senior Certificate in First Aid. And the"protocal" of the place that ran the Fork Lift Truck Licence, was at fault. I have no idea what he means. He hates explaining to me. It tears me apart because I just see a person closing doors on himself.

He promises me that he is NOT mentally ill.
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