Wednesday, December 02, 2009

From the Bird Hide at Banksia Beach Wader Sanctuary.

He has done it again. He cancelled one place because he did not like the sound of it after making the enquiries and getting the go ahead to check out the share accomodation. Then after the rest of the day planning to head up to the other one at 5 o'clock which he decided to delay until 7pm so that they would not see his unwashed car in the dark, he just rang up and cancelled completely saying he wasn't interested, it being 6.30pm now. He denies being frightened, says I am an old crow and that he is not going to "put up with that shit" so that is why he cancelled. What shit? As far as I know nothing other than arranging a time suitable. Now he says he has got to get out of the Coast and it is Brisbane for the next target.
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