Monday, September 06, 2010

Rainy Day Collection of his Facebook Sayings

July 12 I jumped to conclusions and came to this.

Correlation: Is the belief of a social etiquette being of particular popularity attaining a spectrum of public interest being placed into a formulated value.

Not sure whether I'm right or not, or ever will know.
But now I think im up to the bit of how they killed and then T rammed Levern and Shirly.

Don’t sweat it. I’m seeing both sides of the plot.

Say What!

July 15 Don' know what's worse that or clay pigons ;)

July 21 Ever seen a crowd of Women holding there fist's in the air screaming " I 'am the greatest " ----

July 28 Haven't I had a Barry Crocker!!

May 10 Stuff this 27 years trying to kill somethin, then beat the livin piss out of it for gettin a lil sic. hears to being 30.

If I delete my soul goes to myspace any way!! or so it is written.


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