Sunday, September 05, 2010

Skyping Brett and Cohen on Father's Day 2010

Update: He has his own Skype for his mobile now - search for brettfrizzell

Happy Father's Day.  Luckily I found Brett on gmail chat today so finally, finally, finally I found out what Skype account he is using and it is Stacey's. so if you add that to your Skype contacts you may be lucky enough to see Cohen online and have a chat like I did today for the first time.
Sasha's kitten (Sasha was once Scott's cat from the Tripcony days)
Brett had my Skype broadcast on bigscreen TV
Hello Nanoo - I just had my head shaved
Video into private houses means seeing nudey rudey
I guess we will see Connor today sometime but lately Scott doesn't think he can offer Connor much and I do not think he spends enough time and effort with him these days. I've got something little for Connor to give Scott if he turns up and Brett got a bottle of Whiskey, a Dad t-shirt and something else from Cohen so he was very fortunate (thanks to Stacey). Scott just got abusive with me simply because I asked him if he wanted to see a photo of Sasha's kitten.  How dare I bring up the past to his mind (deliberately to hurt him - "I know what you are doing" he said - I have no idea what he is talking about).  There is one thing for sure, Scott will not be phoning his father for Father's Day.

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