Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cardiologist and Marina and S back

for a week with no money even to drive the car anywhere.

Met Marina at a Bulcock Beach Café for three quarters of an hour because she insisted I meet this guy she was meeting up with.

me:  The cardiologist trusts the ECHO done at the hospital by a specialist done in 2009 which did not show a pulmonary stenosis rather than the opinion of someone working for Imaging and X-ray so he is not concerned that I have a pulmonary stenosis.  I'm in the clear again.  On again, off again.  He said I have two types of palpitations - both benign but uncomfortable and I should take the beta blockers on an as need basis which suits me.  Sinus tachycardia and extra beats.
 Sent at 19:25 on Wednesday
 Debbie:  well thats good, 

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