Friday, February 10, 2012

The Counsellor Who Could Not Deal with Him

CK - creatine
were the blood tests I had today while S was asleep here.  Also Pam the counsellor phoned for S but I took the call because he was still in bed (on mattress). She asked if she could bring back his gear because she didn't want him "upsetting the household".  S got up so completed the phonecall himself.  She has been and gone and S paid 2 weeks in advance and has nothing to show for it now.  Once again, his needs will be met at my expense when I can least afford it.

The test for Addison's disease is $372.75 and Medicare only rebates $107 so at the moment I cannot afford it.  It seems I am out of pocket with the last lot of tests too.  I made enquiries.  Nothing they can do.

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