Friday, February 10, 2012

"I can't live there" he says

8am this morning in rolls Ange with Connor so I could give him his birthday present but S was with her and is still here.  He said that he can't live there because the flesh eating bacteria are wasting away his chest muscles.  Its the type of housing that is doing it even though the number (59) was supposed to be a good number.   He is lying down now but I guess he will be stressing me out again with all this irrational talk.  I don't need this.

I think S phoned Ange for a ride from the bus station because he had organized her to come over at 8am.  She may have been worried because she rang yesterday while I was crying and I could not talk.  I had previously sent an email explaining that I wanted to see Connor but I was not well enough to get there so I guess that is how it all started.

I am still waiting to here from the lab about the test for Addison's disease.  It takes an hour and it is not done locally.  I wish they would hurry up and phone me because I want to go back to sleep while "he" is sleeping after taking some of my tablets and pinching my one stubbie beer that I keep in the fridge.

I can't blame him for it, but I have once again switched to chronic diarrohea after eating my first meal last night because finally I was hungry.  It's not the Movicol because I have not been taking any.

Anyway, now I have both S and Connor staying the night tonight.  Ange is 19 weeks pregnant and she is also getting married later in the year in a small beach wedding with a celebrant.

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