Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bicillin Shots More or Less Organised

I've been so sick.  The first half an injection was bad enough.  This full injection has meant that I have not stopped feeling ill.  There are no good days but each day I feel better in the late afternoon but my pain levels are so high that nothing can distract me from it before that even with pain killers.  I just finished making some Apricot Balls for Christmas as if I am going to even care about Christmas.  It took me three days to make them from start to finish. 
B took C to the beach in HB today
 As you know I had to go to Noosaville for my second injection because my local doctor refused to be involved with a disease that supposedly does not exist in Australia and also because Blue Care,  who I chose as a replacement option for giving the injections, was not going to be able to do it till the paper work went through.  I only hope that they are as good as giving the injections as Dr Legend's nurse.  A nurse called Cath is coming on Tuesday PM from Blue Care- a more specific time will be given to me on Monday I hope.  I still have not bought alcohol swabs or a sharp's bin.  It is really hard to force myself to go out feeling like death warmed-up.  I feel like I have a fever at times with chills or chilled bits - like knees and ankles and my heart races when I get hot just sitting there.  I also do not know why my gut is still burning which effects my appetite and my sleep.  I was told that Bicillin would not be likely to cause it.

Rob turned up late Tuesday afternoon when I got back from Noosaville.  He had travelled on the same day.  He is in a real mess with his teeth and the rod that was implanted to support his teeth years ago is stabbing him.  So he is pulling the teeth out which is moving the rod and doing it himself when he has been drinking.  All his teeth are loose in his head.  You should see it.  Gross.  So he can't eat normally either.  I'm still losing weight too.  I heated a small can of baked beans here for him because he could not really buy anything on the road that he could chew.  This trip was another "bird" trip.  He was taking home 8 or so cockatiels he had bought for resale.

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