Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Video

Every time I attempted to make a video it got shorter and shorter.  I've wasted too much time already creating many more videos with no audio.

I'm sorta aching a fair bit and I would not dream of doing anything like going out for more than fish near the water tonight with S because I don't want to wake up feeling any worse on Christmas Day but for the most part I have been better than I thought  I would be pain wise but also shakey vibratey which is a very ill type feeling but it is not constant.  I can't say I was particularly happy with the needle itself when K from Blue Care jabbed me for the first time.  It hurt more and stayed sore for longer and interfered with my sleep for 2 or 3 nights because I kept rolling over on to the sore spot.  She injected too fast.  I felt nauseous after the Bicillin more this time too.  It was hot weather on Tuesday which may be an explanation.

The above is one of the dud no sound videos I wasted my time on today.  I said in one of the videos that it is peculiar how the webcam puts red blotches on my face in the very place it starts to burn and tingle before it starts getting itchy, yet you cannot see it by looking at me.  I can only see it when I come out of a hot shower on the days its playing up.  But mostly I talked about Christmas wishes and S having his cuban cigar which is one of his rituals on special occasions.  You can always try lip reading.

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