Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Stocking from Auntie Debbie

Connor was very happy to find this stocking

I have not been as bad as I expected to be but I can't say pushing through the day put me in a very good mood.  I am a bit down now that the day is over.  It started at 5:30 when I woke up with gastritis/reflux which has become the norm over the past two months beginning with the Plaquenil.  I picked S up at the local bus interchange at 8:30am and then he phoned A to see if she wanted Connor picked up but she wanted to come to town and decided to meet us outside Subway where S wanted to buy breakfast.  I had a Mango smoothie but froze inside in the air conditioning and was getting impatient waiting because I was not feeling very well.  It seems they were buying us a little something.  I got a tumbled stone of rose quartz from C and S got a scratchie.
Liked those 'Angry Bird' cards and lollies the best

At home we did the present thing and as usual C updated his ipod and played games.  He is still happy to play Dragonvale (the one I got into so we would have a common interest) but of course he has other games to play as well.  S paid for and downloaded another game for him and that 99c was all he spent on C.  That he only got cash today was his excuse.  Connor in reality was very happy to get this particular game because his friend has it and he had wanted it for himself.

Even though I reminded him again last night, S also forgot to return the lead to my scooter which he decided to take last time he was here because it happened to be attached to his long extension lead.  It is so frustrating for me not to be able to get through to him about the urgency of it and how now I cannot even charge the scooter.  My extension lead is too short and his had been sitting here for several years so I came to rely on it.  So then he finally decides to take it, the actual scooter lead still attached, which was specially double-earthed. 

S does have that haunted look in his eyes that I don't like but apart from acting quite vacant and just staring a lot this morning, he is not too bad.  But it seems to all have put me in a bad mood.

Dad talking Uniden UHF CB walkie talkies

Clear reception at the end of the street

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