Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Break Down

It has been an emotional few weeks and despite skipping the Bicillin injection last week so that I could get to the sleep study with more confidence of not being in too much pain,  I have remained teary on and off.  I am usually worse in the morning but today I broke down while I was in with Dr Andrew.  I voiced a lot of my fears about treatment but at the end of the day I have to decide whether to go the antibiotic route or not.  In the meantime I am having a treatment holiday for another week.  I think I will then agree to do the Bicillin fortnightly so that I have a chance of more good days before the next jab and I suppose I will at least try his kid's syrup of Clarythromycin which is for the L-form of Borrelia.  Dr Andrew held my hand while he was talking to me knowing how upset I was.  I think that was the nicest part of the day.  At the same time he reminded me he needs my consent to treat me.  I will be going back to see Dr. Andrew next week.  I might have to empty out the boot before going up the range from Landsborough next time.  The clinic really is Bare Bones at this stage and has a "Vetenary Clinic" sign out the front.  Unfortunately there are no grounds where one can sit outside under some shade and the sun was beating down on the 2-car parks available so sitting in the car is not going to be an option.  Inside is often too confronting for me if I have a long term to wait nervously...not to mention uncomfortable, as most seating areas are for people who prefer to recline.
Cohen with Stacey's little brother - his Uncle!!!!

I will be taking Nilstat for the Candida and I will be adding more herbs when they arrive.  I'm taking plain standardised Cat's Claw which is antimicrobial already.  I've also been given some homework about "What Judy really wants" - goals if you will, for life.  He wants a bucket list. I'm supposed to watch the movie of the same name.  I've never liked to think about what I can't afford to do in life and I don't think I want much more than the right kind of companionship which is hard to produce out of thin air.  I still have not found a swimming companion in all these years of being at the Coast.  Amazing!

There is no doubt I have been feeling better without one week of Bicillin in every way except the depression, anxiety, and Candida.  I still have not crashed and even if I have tears while I am doing it, I have been swimming, walking and shopping for days in a row.  Tomorrow I will be catching up with Jan for lunch at the beach locally so I know I will get a swim then if I have anything to do with it.

Jan has torn something in her knee that requires an operation via an arthroscope which will be a long time coming so she has a lot of pain and is finding her mood very snappy because of it.  She has been given permission to walk in water and I am still trying to convince her that 22 (or more by the feel of it) degree Pumicestone Passage water will be fine.   She thinks it will be too cold and on these nasty humid days is thinking about going to the thermal pool.  I could not imagine anything worse in this weather.  If I had a dehumidifier in my bedroom I would breeze through the Summer nights here.
I only told one of you that B and his girlfriend Paige are sharing a duplex with another couple in another suburb of HB.  I am not exactly sure when the move took place but I knew it was coming.  They are meant to be coming to stay at Nick's place on Australia Day so I will get to see them on the weekend which will work out well now that I won't be in moansville from the Bicillin joint pain etc.
Cohen will be at Roger's as far as I know so I will miss out on seeing him but only because I did not want to babysit the whole weekend.  That would be asking for a crash.  I need my rests still that's for sure.  And I am having a bad run with my backache that comes on for a season between my shoulder blades making it hard to sit up straight for long.
Yes B is still a very happy chappy.  Work and home life is good.  The chain is from Paige.

S is not continuing with Carrick College.  Now he is going to try Martin College to get his accounting certificate.  He's still playing Soccer on Sunday's but he was not too confident about his job last time we spoke about it.

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