Sunday, January 27, 2013

Supplements and Still feeling relatively well physically

I got in 2 days of early morning short walks before the rain came
I am still enjoying being in less pain with my joints and muscles and not feeling like I have the flu.    I had an increase in pain for a couple of days but I was going out every day and possibly overdid it.  Now that the rain has come, my natural inclination to hibernate has kicked in and my pain levels are tolerable.  I also am feeling better in the gut since starting Nilstat on Thursday (despite some gurgly side effects) so I am hoping it is the Candida I am getting under control.  I think I had better get some more vaginal cream though - it is not quite there yet.

The big test will be when I get my next Bicillin injection after this two week break.

Anyway while I am feeling well and believe that I am tolerating all these things, I wanted to record what I am taking from Dr Andrew's list of supplements.  I certainly cannot afford them all.  I have continued with:
  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • Chia Seeds (as a coconut-milk pudding, stirred into smoothies or yoghurt and/or bunged into omelet or rissoles to make up about 2 teaspoons a day)
  • Probiotics - Sacchromyces boulardii which 2 of the docs and the ILADS Lyme conference recommeded to prevent Clostridium Difficile infection (Jarrow Formulas from iherb with MOS) and Lactobaccilus reuteri (as in Blackmores Digestive Biobalance or iherb alternative) and Dr A said to avoid the Shirota strain ones because they can worsen reflux/burning
  • drinking 1.75-2 litres water (I include any electrolyte drinks in that total) per day that I sit on the window-sill to allow the chlorine to evaporate from
I have been skipping the probiotics while on the Nilstat because I wondered if the Nilstat was killing them off anyway but I don't feel any worse.  The Aloe Vera Juice has not prevented me getting Candida and I had a lot of gut problems while still on it so I am not sure if it will be something I will let go as something else more important is suggested.  The Probiotics certainly have not prevented me from getting Candida but I swear by the Chia Seeds and water for keeping me from getting constipated and the Aloe may play a part in that too.  However, psyllium husks attract water to the bowel too and may be cheaper.  I have had reflux from psyllium in the past though and think it could be a bit scratchy on my bowel when it flares.  I prefer the Chia seeds because they provide nutrients (incl protein) unlike psyllium.

I have been taking NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) - a glutathione precursor and powerful antioxidant which is also good for lung and liver function.  It is expensive but I first noticed welcome weight loss while taking that back a while.  I read it helps with fat metabolism but my metabolic problems seem to be with starches so I do not know why the weight loss occurs for me.  It is not on Dr Andrew's list though.
View from the swings while trying to train head not to go dizzy in the process

Other things on Dr Andrew's list that I am taking now which I am not having any bad side effects from are:
  • Serrapeptase - used as a biofilm buster (I am using the cheaper Doctor's Best brand from iherb)
  • Cat's Claw - an antimicrobial (Nature's Way Standardized but not TAO-free which is often recommended but not proven to be necessary) but I am flat out remembering to take it more than once a day.  So many of these things have to be taken on an empty stomach.
  • Salt - I have increased my salt intake but I am not measuring at this stage
  • C - I still tend to forget to take it unless a symptom prompts me but I have deliberately avoided it since my reflux/gastritis was flared up by the Plaquenil
  • Magnesium - I was taking Magnesium Taurate just once a day but I have read about it contributing to biofilm formation so now I just rub the liquid into my joints or muscles when they are sore
  • Zinc - I was taking it last year but the biofilm argument applies to Zinc as well so I probably won't take it regularly and just keep it for when I have a cold or something

I intend to replace the Cat's Claw with the Cowden Protocol's Samento and Banderol and will probably follow Marty Ross's simple protocol.  Please note that for me the latter link rarely works in the mornings from my Australian Internet Connection.

One more plug for buying from iherb - If you use my code RIZ901 you can get $10 off your first order for a limited time and I will also get a further discount applied to my order when you order.
Can you see my car with the Lyme magnet sticker on it?
Family stuff
B did not come down this weekend.  His car broke down and he needs to spend the money on it instead of visiting Nick and I bet all the Australia Day celebrations were either cancelled or washed out so I was kinda glad he was not going to be driving in cyclonic weather.

S is not getting any work from his new job.  He said "They have no work".  He says he is emotional about it.  I think he has bombed out from being accepted back into his Open University course because of his fails although he has applied for special circumstances. He is still planning on doing accounting at this second college - Martin College but it does not start until Feb 14th so he is doing nothing right now.  I know all about doing nothing when you feel like doing something - it sucks.

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