Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Connor's Birthday

I was planning on Connor coming over here for his birthday presents and I had them set up ready
but it did not work out that way.  Ange asked me to come to their place so I did.
Connor was very pleased with his $25 from you Zena and he read the card out quite well.  I gave him the field microscope and I did not let him have the present from you GrandNan until he had written the card as instructed.

It was short and sweet because he obviously does not find writing very easy.  It took him quite a while even with copying words because he could not even spell "thank you" as you will see by the crossing out.  He will be starting grade 4 when school goes back and he is nine years old today.

This is the present you gave him Mum.  That is Esha in the back ground.

On the way home I called in for a swim

Good news from S.  He will be working for an older man selling solar energy on the days that he does not have to go to college.  I am pretty sure he starts tomorrow.  He starts college on the 17th.  S won't be seeing Connor for his birthday today but he ordered something online which hopefully will get there today...but maybe not.  I also got the little lead for the scooter in the mail that he took the time to send.  It's my turn next to send down a couple of jocks he left behind.

As usual for 2 days before I'm due for another injection, I am feeling much more lively.

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