Thursday, February 21, 2013

Slides I scanned today while thinking of QBuild

I have been in a real tizz since Qbuild want-to-be contractors have been phoning to ask for a time to come and measure up my home for flooring.  It no longer feels like my home.  All of a sudden after a  week or two feeling much calmer, yet bored silly, I can feel everything knotted up and my heart rate going overtime.  I am supposed to think to myself that it will all work out: I won't be stuck with really dark carpet;  I won't be stuck with vinyl in the bedrooms and that I will manage to pack up all the cupboards in time before the winning bidder invades my home to do their will.  Them being the Department of Housing.  I'm not going to say too much about that now because I am now expecting to be notified about what is happening but the order only got to Qbuild from Housing yesterday.  All I know is that the tenders have to be in by 25th February, only a few days hence.  And it seems like I am going to be forced to have tiles on the kitchen  floor, you know those big square white ones which certainly won't complement the big blue ones in the laundry and bathroom nor the small outdoor murky tiles in the toilet.  Unless they are also planning on ripping the others up.  What a mess that would be. 

I am handling the anxiety OK today but I am not comfortable with this feeling.  All it has done is spur me into using up nervous energy by wandering around and picking out a few things that I can get started on already.  There is so much I should get rid of rather than cart it from A to B (the garage probably) and then back to A.  Vermin, especially those Geckos have made a lot of what was in the garage, "not very nice" to handle.  It is a shame some lovely books don't look so lovely any more and the ones that are OK, I never look at anyway.  I should get rid of the lot!  Then I would have room for a temporary move of gear into the space left.  Who knows if I will have the time or the energy to get that far before the expected call or letter that will give me a week's notice if I am lucky.

The point today is that I just finished off scanning a box of slides so that I can put them and the film scanner away in its box.  One less thing to get off my computer desk when the time comes to move out the furniture.

Nana and Grandad's farmhouse at Yea

Grandma and Grandpa's home at 51 Radnor St Camberwell


Dawn Greenwood
Mum wearing "my" sweet 16 dress

Box Hill North Primary School Uniforms

Sue Barclay

I think this was our first holiday after I became separated.  Kings Beach.  This is a scanned negative.

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